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"My work with Claire has been like putting on a pair of glasses after having poor vision my whole life. She is incisive, funny, and deeply caring, and I leave each session with a refreshed perspective, which stays with me long after our hour is up. In just over a year, she has helped me to significantly decrease my anxiety and cultivate a more whole-hearted sense of self, as well as build a foundation to continue that work independently. Claire has been an incredible gift in my life, and I would recommend her services to anyone."  


- Female, 28, CT

"I worked with a couple talented therapists in the past but Claire absolutely changed my life.  She guided me to greater self-awareness, empowerment, and taught me to parent myself. A true testament to Claire is now I don’t need to see her regularly; she’s given me all the tools, but I always look forward to our sessions because they are so fulfilling." 


 - Male, 37, NYC 

"My primary care doctor referred me to Claire McIntyre.  Each time one of my parents passed away, I was devastated and inconsolable.  With a genuine heart, much concern, and great patience, Claire helped me through two very sad times in my life.  She genuinely wants to help people and she has an inherent gift for relating warmly to them.  Claire is knowledgeable in many areas, but she is also very humble about her own considerable gifts.  Claire McIntyre has a heart of gold and she has been an absolute blessing in my life."


- Male, 61, CT

"You had the biggest impact on my life, my healing, and my outlook on life. Thank you for everything you did for myself and my family when I was younger."

Female, 29, CT

"Life has settled in nicely.  We love the neighborhood, our cozy apartment, and got a kitten last week. Everyday I am thankful to have such a loving and supportive partner. We’re really solid. I feel balanced, healthy, and clear in a way I never have thanks to you. You changed my life. I am eternally grateful."

- Male, 30s, NYC

"Our sessions with Claire have been invaluable. She has a personable style that ebbs and flows with the ups and downs in our lives. She has helped us with our communication with helpful tips and helps us see each other’s perspective so that disagreements end in mutual understanding and satisfaction."  


- Couple, 47, NYC



"Claire and I have been working together since 2016 and she has had a huge influence in changing my life. Her counseling helped me navigate some of the darkest points in my mental health journey. Claire is very skilled at unpacking previous trauma, teaching clients to recognize harmful behaviors and thoughts, and mediating family relations. Her care has directly helped me graduate college, develop and repair healthy relationships with my family, cope with grief and trauma, weather the pandemic AND feel happiness and peace again. I cannot recommend her highly enough and am truly so thankful for her kind, honest, and skilled care."  


- Female, 25, MA

"Claire is a bright light for sure! When I started working with her, I had a very negative attitude about therapy. There were things I didn’t want to talk about, look at, or accept. Claire’s patience with me, as well as her honesty, have made me very comfortable to do what was hard for me - to grow!! I have hit a few bottoms and with Claire’s help, I am very happy with the direction I am moving. I am truly grateful for Claire and her wisdom."


- Male, 63, CT



"Sometimes life happens. Sometimes stressors become hard to handle. Sometimes people need someone to help them understand the dynamics of behavior patterns that have rooted within their families. Claire McIntyre has become the help my family needed. With each member needing help throughout various stages of life and help with a major family event, she has counseled every member in our family at various points and time over the last four years. Every family can benefit from the help that Claire provides. I think of Claire as a family resource to help partner with me to assist with my children developing emotional intelligence, making wiser life choices at vulnerable stages in their lives. Families need help staying together these days and helping one another instead of giving up and emotionally and physically separating through apathy, emotional abandonment or even divorce. Claire was this person who kept our family intact and helped us understand and accept one another through some very trying times. I don’t think we would be here today, on the other side, still together and loving each other the way we do if it weren’t for Claire!"  


   - Female, 60, CT



"Claire draws upon the richness of her experience in individual, marriage, and family therapy to meet you where you are in your time of need. She draws upon your past only in relationship to how it joins your present. She is an excellent listener and leaves space for you to come to your own discoveries, while at the same time offering wise and informed insights when you need them. I’ve truly benefited and been helped by my time with Claire."  


- Female, 58, CT


"When I first stared seeing Claire I realized I needed to change the way I dealt with my relationships with people and family. Through my work with Claire  my relationships, personal and business, have made my life much easier to navigate. I now can evaluate a situation and work through it without getting frustrated and lashing out. I feel confident that I can work through whatever life puts in front of me without fear. It is proof that an old dog can learn new tricks. I look forward to everyday knowing I can handle whatever situation the Universe sends my way. Thanks Claire!" 


- Male, 68, CT


"I have known Claire for almost ten years, and I cannot imagine talking to any other therapist. From difficulties in my childhood to setbacks in my adult life, she has been alongside me through every bump in the road. Her valuable advice and insight have proven to be trustworthy and useful time and time again. I consider her a friend, who cares deeply for me but can also tell it like it is. I would absolutely recommend Claire to anyone of any age."


 - Female, 21, CT

"In a very short period of time of working with Claire, I feel a lot more confident with battling my anxiety. I think Claire is effective because she provides me with practical skills that I wouldn’t find on my own. She is compassionate but also pushes me to dig deeper."  


   - Female, 17, CT


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