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Individual Therapy


You are the expert in you, and I am the expert in helping you reach your goals.  I believe personal growth, emotional healing, and lasting positive changes are possible.  I encourage you to build and deepen awareness so the insights gained in sessions can be applied to your lives. As this awareness is cultivated, you will build a path to self-discovery, transformation and healing.  My style is relationship based and heart centered.  Through the therapeutic relationship, we work collaboratively so you can:


  • Let go of old patterns and discover how past experiences have shaped the way you see yourself and relate to others

  • Replace dysfunctional, antiquated coping mechanisms with productive, updated versions

  • Decrease emotional distress through self awareness and self-discovery

  • Change your thought patterns and unhelpful narratives to create a more positive and productive inner world

  • Increase resilience so you can live your best life

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