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Couples Therapy

Couple Holding Hearts

Romantic relationships are hard work. Like cars, they require regular maintenance to keep them running well. If there is a problem, it’s best to have it repaired right away to avoid further problems down the road.  Often we can do some of the basic maintenance and repairs ourselves. Other times, despite our best efforts, we need a professional to take a look and give us a hand.  In Couples Therapy, we work collaboratively to:

  • Foster cohesion and communication to reduce marital discord

  • Take an objective look at your relationship and stop the blame game

  • Reduce dysfunctional behaviors/patterns and the ways partners behave with each other

  • Share your emotions/communicate effectively with each other

  • Emphasize strengths to build positivity and resilience

Common issues include infidelity, financial problems, physical and mental health, life changes/stages, substance issues and anger. 

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